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The club is always looking for potential sponsors or advertisers. If you wish to take advantage of any of the opportunities below, please see the 'Contact Us' page and get in touch with our chairman, Mark Hildred. All prices are negotiable.

Boston Open Sponsorship

The club's Boston Open, which attracts both world and nationally ranked men and women, is a perfect sponsorship opportunity for any potential advertisers.

Main sponsorship - including tin advertising, a full page programme advert and potentially name sponsorship. Around £600.

Name sponsorship - separate name sponsorship will see your business' name referred to on websites, in the press, on entry forms, in the programme and orally - whenever the tournament is mentioned. Around £500.

Programme advertising - our programme, which last time was 24 pages long and received numerous compliments from players and spectators, offers potential advertising.  Full page: £175, half page: £100.

Tin Advertising


If you wish to advertise on our courts, this is the perfect way.  You will have your advert across one of the tins on a glass back court, on which hundreds of games are played each year.  Full tin: £400, half tin: £300.

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