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Squash club on the BBC

Boston Squash and Racketball Club made an appearance on BBC Radio Lincolnshire this morning, as a clue location on the station's 'Pirate Gold' programme.

The show sees a team (today - Rachel Baynton and driver Claire Dunlop) given a series of riddlesome clues that guide them to the location of the next clue until they reach the final location - where the treasure, or 'pirate gold', is located. The listeners use their local knowledge to help the Pirate Gold team crack the clues and get to the right places.

Today Boston Squash and Racketball Club was the third of five clue locations. The clue that led the team to Rosebery Avenue was, 'WHEN YOU HEAD DOWN TO THIS AVENUE BY ANY OTHER NAME, AND A BLUE ONE TOO, PETER MAY SHOW YOU THE WAY TO TRAVEL, LET'S HOPE YOUR STRINGS DON'T UNRAVEL'.

The clue includes the words 'by any other name' from the phrase, 'A rose by any other name would smell as sweet' - a popular reference to William Shakespeare's play Romeo and Juliet. This, combined with BLUE(berry), provided the basis for 'Rosebery Avenue'.

One of the factors that led to the Pirate Gold team correctly deciding to go to Rosebery Avenue was that they thought 'Peter' was a reference to the Peter Paine Sports Centre. However it actually turned out to be a reference to the English-American rock musician Peter Frampton (and one of his hits was 'Show Me The Way'). The strings mentioned in the clue refer to racket strings of course.

Club Chairman Mark Hildred was at the club to greet the Pirate Gold team and to talk to them and BBC Radio Lincolnshire's listeners about the club.

Despite getting to the squash club and beyond, the team were eventually beaten by the clock and didn't manage to get to the treasure, which was at The Sack Store. To the surprise of nobody, a key factor in the defeat was the traffic on John Adams Way!

You can listen to the moment BBC Radio Lincolnshire found Boston Squash and Racketball Club on BBC Sounds (at 1:52:20).


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