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Update 25th August: finances, refunds, Pete holiday, junior coaching

Finances and refunds

With the club now reopen and running smoothly, we have now been able to turn our

attention to the financial position of our club, and making refunds available to members who would like to claim these for our closure period. We would like to thank everyone for their patience whilst we have been working to get this information out.

Please see this document for a review of our finances, as well as a form which we would ask those wishing to claim refunds to complete and return to the club. In summary, whilst we feel the financial position of the club is secure, it is also very hard to predict the future at this stage, and we are likely to face reduced income in the coming months (and potential further closures etc).

If members feel in a position to waive their entitlement to a refund as a donation to the club, this would be hugely appreciated and will ultimately all be reinvested back into our facilities. On the other hand, we appreciate that this is a personal choice, and that everyone faces different circumstances.

We do need to ask that these forms are completed physically and returned to the club (copies will also be available to complete at the club). In the coming months, we plan to introduce an electronic/online membership system, which will help automate processes such as this going forward.

Staffing: no steward at the club next week + working day changes

Please note that Pete will be on holiday next week. He will be available as normal for token purchases etc. up until the evening of this Friday (28th August). There will then be no steward at the club until he returns on Monday 7th September. Please ensure you have sufficient tokens to cover any play you have planned during this period!

Upon Pete's return, his working days (which had temporarily moved to Monday-Friday) will return to Monday-Tuesday and Thursday-Saturday, with the club unstaffed on Wednesdays and Sundays.

We have arranged cleaning cover for the time when Pete will be away.

Junior coaching sessions

This Thursday (27th August) will be the last junior coaching session of the summer. Junior coaching will then return to Saturday mornings, starting on 5th September (led by Jacky, with Pete covered by Matt Cawston on the 5th). Bookings will continue to be required in order for us to comply with COVID-19 guidance.

As a result, courts will be available to members as normal on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, after this week. However courts will be unavailable to members on Saturday mornings from 5th September onwards, between 10am and 12.30pm.

PS: we are e-mailing these updates to all members for whom we hold e-mail addresses. If you wish to receive these updates via e-mail, please sign up on the 'Newsletter' page.

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