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Club Championships 2023

Boston Squash Championships Finalists 2023

Olly Cawston and Tom Kemp have become Boston's squash and racketball 2023 champions respectively following two successive weekends of Club Championships finals nights at Boston Squash and Racketball Club.

Both the racketball semi-finals and finals nights saw competitive games, much enjoyed by all who played, and the results were as follows:


Boston Racketball Championships Finalists 2023


Winner: Tom Kemp

Runner-up: Gary Fitzsimmons

Over 35s

Winner: Tom Kemp

Runner-up: Tim Rowland

Over 45s

Winner: Gary Fitzsimmons

Runner-up: Mujeeb Pervez

Over 55s

Winner: Mujeeb Pervez

Runner-up: Edd Pickersgill


Winner: Edd Pickersgill

Runner-up: George Cooper The following weekend played host to two terrific nights of squash featuring a number of competitive, quality matches. The results were:


Buchner Open

Winner: Olly Cawston

Runner-up: Greg Cawston

Over 35s

Winner: Jake Fountain

Runner-up: Tom Kemp

Over 45s and 55s

Winner: Mujeeb Pervez

Runner-up: Dave Stones

Combined Plate

Winner: Perrie Broughton

Runner-up: Mindougas Simionitas

Junior Main

Winner: Zac Lowe

Runner-up: Charlie Underhill

Junior Plate

Winner: Benas Jennings

Runner-up: Archie Fountain

Congratulations to all the finalists and thank you to everybody who took part in this year's championships. Lastly, a special mention for Rich Gilby who was nominated as this season's most improved player.



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