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Refurbishments completed

Various refurbishment works have now been completed on the club's glass back courts, as well as the gym area.

Since their construction in 1978, the glass back courts have been the centrepiece of the club and see extensive usage throughout the year - hosting everything from complete beginners in the club's extensive community programme, through to some of the world's best players at the annual Boston Open.

They have now been completely overhauled by Melior Sports, with playing walls cleaned, the out of court areas and ceilings painted in a contrast grey, floors sanded, and playing lines remarked in a modern blue. This adds on to the new heaters installed in recent weeks by Kamelion Services, and the new extractor fans installed by our own John Payne.

Furthermore, the tired old carpet in the gym has been replaced with modern rubberised tiles. Blinds have been installed to complement the recently replaced windows, and the old lights have been replaced with new spotlights.

As ever we are indebted to John Payne who has volunteered a huge amount of time at the club in recent weeks performing much of this work himself. Club steward Pete Andrews has also gone above and beyond as ever, overseeing the work and coordinating access etc with our contractors.

A gallery of all the work, including before and after photos, can be seen below:


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