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Shoes: important reminder

We would like to remind all users of the club - particularly juniors and their parents/guardians - of two important rules regarding footwear at the club:

  1. You MUST wear ONLY shoes with non-marking soles on court.

  2. You must ONLY change into and wear these shoes once inside the club - i.e. you must not travel to or from the club in the same shoes you wear on court.

These rules are in place to protect our court floors. By the end of this week, we will have finished replacing or renovating all five court floors in recent years, and so we are now in the fortunate position of having some of the best court floors in the country... and it is important we keep them this way!

We appreciate rule (2) above may seem picky for a 10-20 yard walk between the car park and the club, however even small amounts of dirt picked up on shoes can damage our floors. The average cost of a new floor is over £5,000 per court, and so we all need to do our bit to protect these.

We do not wish to be 'unfriendly' regarding the above, however we have recently had problems with players going on court in the same shoes they have travelled in and therefore leaving dirt on the floor. If this continues we may need to take action such as excluding players from sessions, which we desperately do not want to have to do! We have included some tips regarding appropriate footwear below:

Shoes for squash courts

There are hundreds of options for squash shoes available online. The single most important criteria is that these should have 'non marking soles'. Typically a red flag would be if shoes have black soles, they are likely to mark the courts and so should be avoided.

Shoes are relatively inexpensive and can be picked up from c. £20 (juniors) or £35 (adult sizes). We would recommend you look at established squash retailers, such as:

Direct Squash:

If you are in any doubt, please speak to Pete at the club, by phone on 01205 839475, or e-mail and we will be happy to help. If you are not in a position to buy new shoes at the moment, we do also have various second hand pairs available for use by juniors free of charge, and it may be that these are available in a suitable size - again please just contact us and we will be happy to help.


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