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Transforming courts 1-3 - and scrap timber

We are pleased to announce that Courts 1-3 at the club will be completely refurbished in June. Courts 1&3 (the remaining rainbow courts) will be converted to standard courts, with new state-of-the-art Junckers 'SylvaSquash' floors installed (as on courts 2/4/5).

Court 3 will be painted with white walls and blue lines, consistent with the recent upgrades to courts 4&5, and court 2 will receive a light refurbishment consisting of a light floor sanding and line remarking to also bring it in line with this scheme. Court 1 will be painted with light blue walls and blue lines in order to facilitate the club's table tennis activities, ensuring a contrast with the white TT ball.

Work is booked in for the w/c 7th June. Once complete, this will leave all five courts at the club in superb condition. Combined with recent shower and changing room upgrades, we believe Boston will be the proud home to some of the best squash and racketball facilities in the East Midlands!

Disposal of old court floors - scrap timber of interest?

We are advised by our contractors that the floor panels and undercarriages to be removed from the rainbow courts may have some scrap value. We are told that undercarriage is likely to be made of softwood battens, with c. 180 linear metres of 50x50mm battens per court.* Therefore we would like to ask if any members or other interested parties would like to make any sort of offer for these (or indeed the floor panels).

If no offers are forthcoming, the club will have to incur the cost of skip hire in order to dispose of these, so offering to take these away would also be of value. Please contact us via any of the usual channels if of interest.

*This is based on an assumption of 50x50mm battens at 400mm centres.


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